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The Locker space is limited to 3 items or 25kg/animal. For larger items, please suply specific dimensions. If you wish to send larger items, please suply dimensions and weight details so we can quote acordingly. All baggage must be clearly labelled. Truck doesn't take responsibility for any baggage transported.

Presentation of your horses for traveling:

Please make sure all horses or ponies are presented for traveling with head collars, lead ropes, passport and all sanitary documents. The non complience with any of this features might prevent the horse from traveling compeling to a full service payment. The decision to travel your horse in protective gear is entirely at the owners discretion. Any boots, bandages, etc. supplied by the client must be correctly fitted. If you seek further information on this subject, please see our website for advice and things to consider when making this decision.

During travel:

All horses will have access during their journey to a haynet and water at regular intervals. Please let us know if there is any restriction regarding your horse in particular. Some animals have a tendency to lean onn the partitions and walls when traveling, causing friction and as such this may lead to minor or supercial rubs on their hair or skin.

Completing and returning this booking forms confirms that you have read, understood and are in agreement with Truck terms and conditions of trading as well as the implications of horse transport and possible side effects related to it. Truck do not take responsibility for any information not disclosed to us on this booking form and that could in any way be relevant to your horse's health, travel or status.

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