Vet Truck

From our passion for Horses raises Vet Truck. It’s a service devoted to your horse in those situations he most need you. We developed and prepare a fully equipped vehicle to allow supportive medical care during their journey to the Hospital. While on a Horse Show or traveling to a clinic you have the possibility of having them always traveling under Veterinary supervision and care.


Non urgent transportation of your Horse to the Veterinary Clinic or Hospital.


Transportation of Horses which need special medical attention during travel.


Veterinary Assistance in accordance with FEI regulations.


Modern Equipments

We invest in top level equipment to always provide a high standard service.

Qualified Personnel

While on a show or during traveling, our Veterinary Personnel ensure a high level of professionalism and competence in Equine Medicine.

Non Urgent Transportations

On a journey to a Clinic ora Veterinary Hospital, our Veterinary Doctors can provide all medical care prescribed by your Horse’s Vet.

Dedicated Care

Together with you and your Veterinary Doctor we can provide you with the best care possible to your Horse, through our commitment, dedication and knowledge.