Our fleet reflects our commitment to safety and quality that we want to assure in every journey. We searched for the best technical solutions available and together with Roelofsen we developed a customized fleet in wich every detail was carefuly thought for the wellbeing and safety of your horse. The result: every animal reach their destination in the finest possible conditions, reducing to a minimum all negative effects derived from stress. On your way to a competition or on your return home this will be most probably his best journey ever.

The chassis was developed by the renowned Volvo. The Volvo FH13 with a 13000cm3 engine and 500HP gives heart to this seven horse truck. If we put together the best chassis with the best horsebox we find ourselves with a superb horse truck in all its fine details.

The Renault Master with a 2300cm3 engine and 150BHP is the heart of this jewel. Either has an ambulance or an exclusive journey for your horse, this truck outstands for his fine details.



Our chassi was assembled by the renowned manufacture Volvo. The Volvo FH13 with a 13000cm3 and 500HP constitutes the heart of this wonder…


Volvo his leader on car safety. With a dedicated department since 1969, Volvo has been in the forefront of truck safety being pioneer on innumerous innovations that prevent accidents…


Our trucks are equipped with the most advanced technologies that allow us to follow and monitor them 24h a day…


If web ring together the best chassi to the best horse box we have a superb truck in all his fine details. At Truck we believe that the best has to become has a standard.


Roelofsen had everything into account to make this the best journey of your horse. In our truck, designed to transport seven horses, no detail was left behind…


Our commitment to the exterior design was the same as for all other aspects…

The box was assembled by Roelofsen, famous for its commitment in the finest detail.

Efficient brakes
Equipped with Volvo’s patented engine brake, VEB+, uses a unique camshaft design to absorb up to 375 kW. Coupled with the I-Shift transmission system and clever cruise control, it can maintain a higher average speed without compromising safety or fuel economy.

Stability control
If the Truck is about to lose grip, the Electronic Stability Program instantly steps in, reducing engine power and applying brakes to each wheel of the truck and trailer individually. Its full air suspension assures a quite journey even over bumps and potholes.

Total Visibility
Lots of glass, powerful side mirrors with new design increases the driver’s field of vision and improves the truck’s aerodynamics.

Intelligent Technology
In traffic, radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control helps you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front by controlling the accelerator and all available brakes. If there is a risk of collision, warning lights are projected on the windscreen.

Superrb Driving Abilitys
Equipped with the dual-clutch transmission it can pre-select the next gear while driving in the current one. So, one clutch is idling while the other is engaged. Thanks to two input shafts and an ingenious arrangement of gearwheels and selecting elements, two gears can then be selected at the same time. The result? Gear shifting that takes place in a fraction of a second assuring a smooth journey even on the toughest situations.

Smart Climate Control
The advanced electronic climate control monitors and controls every factor, allowing for the best comfort ever both at the horse box and cabin.

Low noise levels
Aerodynamic design, silencers and isolation are just a few of the features that both Volvo and Roelofsen used to assure the lowest levels possible of noise thus reducing stress to a minimum.

The web platform specifically designed for us by Wave, allow us among other things to position every one of our trucks, monitor the temperature on the horse box, accessing images from the inside cameras with 24h recording, being in permanent contact with our main office either by GSM and WiFi. This way we assure that any situation that occurs while traveling is detected immediately allowing for the fastest response possible.

Consolidated rubber mat on the floor with a soft under layer for maximum vibration absorption, consolidated rubber mat at the wall with a 4cm soft foam mat at the back of the horses, new design partitions with cushions, foldable in the middle for easy access, two ramps that assure ease for loading and unloading operations and a vast group of features entirely dedicated to your horse’s comfort.

The horse box is manufactured with double layer isolated and anodized aluminum panels with an isolated floor and roof panels, guarantying the necessary temperature and noise control indispensable for a long journey. The wide openings to the outside grant the necessary natural light and ventilation. The powerful Xenon lights assure the best visibility during day and night.